All the subtleties - lingonberry garden

Lingonberry is an evergreen, fragrant shrub of the Heather family. Fruits of garden lingonberry contain all different vitamins, citric acid, malic acid, salicylic acid, pectin, trace elements. Also berries have medicinal properties, which makes lingonberry a very valuable and useful plant!

Lingonberries are used for rheumatism, hypertension, to increase the acidity of the stomach, the fruits also have antiseptic properties. And the leaves of this plant use antipyretic and diaphoretic.

In September-October and July-August, the lingonberry blooms and bears fruit.

It is better to plant lingonberries in a well-lit area. The soil should be prepared already in autumn. It is worth remembering that organic fertilizers are not applied for lingonberries. Lingonberries are planted in spring or autumn, the best time for this activity is late April or early May (at a given period of time). In the first two weeks, lingonberries need regular watering, then the plant needs to be watered as needed. It is also worth remembering, so as not to regret the work done, that fertilizers are not applied in the first year after planting under lingonberries, feeding begins only from the second year. finally, you will be able to harvest the fruits of garden lingonberries only in the second year after planting. The harvest is harvested from August until the very frost.

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