What varieties of hot peppers are in demand in our latitudes?

Peppers are divided into two categories: vegetable and hot peppers. The second type of pepper is used as a spice. It is used to season borscht, soups and various roasts.


  • The origin of the "hot" pepper
  • The main varieties of hot peppers. Which one is better to grow at home?
  • How to create ideal conditions for growing hot peppers at home?

The origin of the "hot" pepper

The homeland of hot peppers is South and Central America. In the distant past, pepper was an indispensable seasoning. Something like our salt. Capsicum came to Russia only at the end of the 17th century, at first the fruits were used as a medicinal plant, and only a little later it became clear that it can be used in the course of cooking.

Nowadays, hot peppers are grown not only on open land, but also at home. Moreover, the bushes of the plants that bear fruit not only give an excellent harvest, but also create a special "live" interior at home.

Hot pepper is a guest who came to our latitudes from the tropics and subtropics. Therefore, the plant needs warmth, abundant moisture and "competent" lighting. On an open land plot, seeds can be planted already at the beginning of June, but you can start planting pepper at home even in winter. The main thing is to create the right conditions.

Unlike vegetable peppers, hot peppers must be picked fully ripe. The maximum amount of capsaicin can be obtained from full ripeness of the fruit. It is capsaicin that is responsible for the spice and pungency of the peppercorns.

Interesting Facts:

  1. Capsaicin is an alkaloid that is responsible for improving blood circulation in the body.
  2. The pod of hot pepper contains a daily dose of vitamin A and C.
  3. Hot peppers are rich in alkaloids, which are responsible for the production of the hormone of joy.
  4. The spicy vegetable allows the body to warm up faster during the cold season.
  5. Chile contributes to weight loss, as it increases metabolism several times.
  6. Hot peppers are used in cosmetology, pharmacology, cooking, and medicine.

Here is such a hot pepper. It is a big misconception that Asian cuisine is considered the most "spicy" cuisine in the world. Our compatriots are happy to use paprika. After all, it not only gives an unusual taste to cooked dishes, but also warms the body when the weather outside the window is not entirely positive.

The main varieties of hot peppers. Which one is better to grow at home?

Hot peppers are not very whimsical to care for, so even inexperienced "home gardeners" boldly take up the cultivation of this plant. From one bush of a plant, you can get a harvest for a whole year. To do this, you just need to collect ripe fruits and dry them.

Popular varieties of hot peppers

Fresno suprim. The bush grows up to 80 centimeters in length. Pepper fruits reach a width of 2 centimeters and a length of 5 centimeters. The taste of the pepper is not very hot, the pungency is moderate.

Spicy cherry kiss. The plant is large enough that a standard 5 liter pot is not suitable for growing. Despite the greatness of the plant, its fruits are small. The taste is pronounced pungent. Most often, the fruits are used during the preparation of spicy dishes; at the end of cooking, the pod is removed.

Anaheim. The bush reaches a length of 1 meter. At the exit, the fruits are also large enough. Most often they are canned and pickled, while cutting in half. Cayenne pepper. One of the most popular varieties in our latitudes. The bush reaches a length of 50-70 centimeters, the fruits are small. Most often, peppercorns are used during the preparation of the first and second courses. Moderate acuity.

Hungarian wax yellow pepper. The bush reaches a length of up to one meter. The fruits are distinguished by a special yellow color. Moderate acuity. Used for stuffing, pickling, canning.

Peter pepper or penis. Pepper got its name because of its unusual shape. Most often it is grown as an ornamental plant, since the fruits are very similar to the male genital organ. The bush reaches a length of 70-90 centimeters.

It is these varieties of hot peppers that are considered the ideal choice for planting in our latitudes. You can grow hot peppers both on an open land plot and on your windowsill. But how to achieve a positive result and a rich harvest? About this in the next block of the article.

How to create ideal conditions for growing hot peppers at home?

Since hot peppers are a heat-loving plant, caring for them should be based on this particular nuance. With proper care, the fruits of the plant can be enjoyed after a couple of months. What do you need to remember to grow hot peppers on the windowsill?

Compliance with the thermal regime. The ideal temperature for peppers is 20-25 degrees Celsius. It should also be noted that the plant is afraid of drafts and sudden temperature changes. If possible, then do not put the plant near the window and near the battery.

Watering. In the winter season, it is better to water the plant 2 times a week, in the summer - 3. And what should be done with the help of a watering can, so that water droplets do not fall on the fruits of hot pepper. Correct soil. The best soil for planting peppers is a soil with low acidity. Before planting, you can soak the soil with potassium permanganate infusion.

Humidity. Since pepper is native to the tropics, it needs special moisture. The ideal humidity for him will be a humidity of 50-70%. Have a humidifier? Great. And if there is no device, then do not forget to hang a wet towel on the batteries.

Pruning dry twigs, harvesting on time. Do not forget to take care of the plant during the time. Dry twigs can inhibit the growth and development of both the bush as a whole and the fruit. Don't put different types of peppers next to each other. They can overhaul.

Do not forget to feed the pepper bush with vitamins and minerals at least occasionally. To do this, purchase a suitable product from the plant store. See labeling for vegetable crops. But do not overdo it with top dressing, so as not to face root rot.

By following these recommendations, you can easily grow a pepper on your windowsill. It will not only add a spicy taste to your dishes, but also bring a touch of coziness and comfort to your home. This is how they are, these hot peppers.

Today they have found a wide vocation not only in cooking. They are very often used in cosmetology, medicine, pharmacology. When planning an interior, modern designers very often use a plant to create a special charm of a room!

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