Pros and cons of propagating grapes by cuttings and useful tips from gardeners

Many people who began to engage in their garden, grow a variety of plants, are interested in the question of how to propagate grapes by cuttings.

Why is this method used? It is quite simple, and at the same time it brings good results.

It does not require a lot of funds. After all, grapes can also be propagated by seeds or layering, but often people tend to the method using cuttings.


  • Pros and cons of this breeding method
  • Harvesting cuttings for the winter
  • Planting cuttings in spring
  • Propagation by green cuttings

Pros and cons of this breeding method

Propagation of grapes by cuttings has its pros and cons. They should be studied in order to be prepared for all the nuances.

The first thing that I would like to highlight is that this method does not require large expenses, but at the same time it is effective. The plant will not be able to get infected with phylloxera, which negatively affects the seedling.

Propagation by cuttings does not require special conditions. If everything is done correctly, then almost all the seedlings will survive, not die.

But there are also some downsides to this breeding method. This method requires patience, since it will take a long time for a seedling to appear.

This usually takes about 2 years. Therefore, it is not possible to wait for the first harvest soon. For those who have a desire to receive fruits after a year, it is better to choose a different method.

This can be reproduction by grafting. But this method has its own nuances that scare off many people.

You can propagate grapes by cuttings at any time of the year. Experienced gardeners are advised to choose exactly the spring for this. And cuttings should be prepared in the autumn.

But some people do not adhere to this advice, and by the end of autumn they already had scions. In this way, you can save a whole year. Therefore, there is no specific time when to reproduce.

But remember that weather conditions can also affect the final result. It is unlikely to be positive if there was a lot of rain in summer and the weather was cold.

Harvesting cuttings for the winter

If a person decided to grow grapes with the help of a cutting, he should prepare the material in the fall, when the bushes are cut.

When the extra branches are removed, you need to pay attention to the shoots that bore fruit in the summer, the diameter of which varies from 7 to 10 mm.

The preparation of the cutting consists of the following stages:

  1. First, shoots, leaves and other unnecessary details should be removed from the branch. There should be 4 buds on one cutting.
  2. The stalk should be cut at an angle. But the distance from the cut to the kidney should be several centimeters.
  3. After that, you need to do the trimming at the bottom. The cut should be straight.
  4. To better form the roots, you need to make strips vertically on the bottom with a needle.
  5. All cuttings obtained must be packaged according to varieties so as not to be confused later when planting. Then they communicate with each other.

To increase the humidity, the resulting blanks are placed in water for 24 hours, after which they must be treated with copper sulfate and dried.

After all the operations done, you need to wrap the blanks in film, and then place them in a cellar, basement or other cold place.

During the winter period, when the cuttings are stored, they should be examined several times, and then turned over to the other side.

Video on how to prepare cuttings for the winter:

Planting cuttings in spring

In the spring, you will need to place the cuttings in the ground in order for them to germinate. Previously, in a few weeks, you need to get the blanks, press on the cross-section to check them.

Small droplets should appear when pressed. This indicates that the cutting is well preserved and ready for germination. If there are no drops, this indicates that the branch has dried up and is unsuitable for planting in the ground.

But if water appears without pressure, then the stalk can also be thrown away, since it is rotten. After all the branches have been sorted out, you need to make a new cross-section on each of them.

Its shade should be light, black dots should be absent. For better reproduction, it is recommended to wet the workpieces in warm water. They have to stay there for 48 hours, but the water needs to be changed every day.

Next, you can use a stimulant that helps the roots form. They must stay in it for a day. Before planting in open ground, you should do germination at home. There are 2 ways to do this.

Germination in glasses occurs in the following stages:

  1. You should find glasses made of plastic. You need to make holes in the bottom.
  2. At the bottom, the earth pours out 2 centimeters, which connects with the humus of the leaves.
  3. A smaller glass is placed, from which the bottom is removed.
  4. Everything is covered with earth between two glasses, and then watered.
  5. Sand should be poured into a small glass, after watering it is removed.
  6. With a depth of 4 cm, you need to make a depression into which the cutting is placed. After that, sand is poured.
  7. At the final stage, it is required to cover the glass with a plastic bottle without a bottom and a lid.

Watering the seedlings should be carried out daily. You need to use warm water for this. After some time, the roots should be visible, then the bottle is removed. Also, at least 4 sheets should already appear.

You can germinate cuttings in a bottle. To do this, you should carry out the following steps:

  • make in a bottle of plastic at the bottom of the hole
  • cut the throat
  • pour about seven tablespoons of special potting soil at the bottom of the bottle
  • drive the stalk at a slight angle into the soil
  • steam the sawdust, which then pour on top
  • place a plastic cup on the handle

After a while, an escape will appear. When it becomes large, it cannot fit in the plastic fence, then the glass should be removed.

A cut bottle with a handle is placed in a tray into which water is poured. It should stand there for a quarter of an hour, and then the pallet is removed. In this way, watering is carried out.

Propagation by green cuttings

You can grow a full-fledged plant using green cuttings. Many people loiter just this way of reproduction.

To do this, cut off the shoots before they begin to bloom. In this way, unnecessary branches are deleted. The result is shoots with young green leaves.

They should be placed in a large container of water, such as a bucket. Next, it follows from these branches to make cuttings, while each of them should have several buds. After that, you need to place the workpiece in water.

After that, you need to do the same circumcision procedure. We must not forget that one of the cuts must be oblique. Those leaves that are located at the bottom should be removed so that planting for germination is convenient.

After that, you need to be patient, as it will take time for germination. Don't forget about watering. By the autumn period, a seedling is formed, which is planted in open ground after winter.

Thus, propagating grapes by cuttings is easy. The main thing is not to forget about the main rules, to adhere to the recommendations.

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