Fruit shrubs: actinidia wake, hawthorn and other species

Do you want to have a beautiful climbing plant on your site, and even enjoy its fruits? We offer you to choose for yourself na few unpretentious and frost-resistant shrubs, which will certainly decorate your garden plot, and can also serve as a hedge, which has recently been widely used by landscape designers.

For instance, actinidia wake, forms a very beautiful crown of leaves, and can reach a height of 25 meters. The color of its leaves is dark green, and the flowers are white and small. Actinidia wake begins to bloom in June, while the fruits appear in October and have a sweet taste. An adult plant can bear up to 30 kg of fruit. Actinidia also comes in other varieties - Issei, Jumbo, etc.

Another unpretentious shrub is hawthorn, the fruits of which, as everyone knows, are rich in vitamins. Hawthorn responds well to pruning, and propagates by cuttings or layering. Another shrub called honeysuckle, are especially loved by gardeners for their frost resistance, which allows them to survive even 44-degree frosts.

After the fruits of all these shrubs have ripened, the gardener needs harvest as quickly as possible, otherwise the berries crumble and overripe. They should be stored for no more than three days. Most often, the fruits are dried or frozen, and also consumed fresh.

As you can see, wake actinidia, hawthorn, and honeysuckle perform not only a decorative function, but are also able to bear excellent fruits, from which delicious compotes, jams, as well as marshmallows and marmalade are obtained.

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