Deycea shrub

The action shrub is a beautiful garden plant. The action can reach from 50 cm to 4 meters in height.

It is a pleasure to grow this plant, as the result will be noticed by everyone - this beautiful shrub attracts everyone's attention.

Shrub action
prefers medium moist, nutritious soil. It is desirable that the composition contains sand, peat compost, humus and lime added.

These shrubs are planted so that there is about 2.5 meters between the plants, and 2 meters between the rows themselves. It is best to plant plants in areas shaded from the sun. The planting depth should be 40-50 cm, so that the root collar is at ground level.

In order for the shrub to bloom beautifully and abundantly, it is advisable to fertilize the plant liquid manure... The mineral plant is added to the soil after pruning the shrub. Before you dig up the soil in the spring, you need to add slaked lime, potassium salt or rotted compost.

Water the deycea 2-3 times a month if the summer is very hot. In this case, 15-20 liters are used for each plant. If the weather is not too hot, then watering should be reduced to 8-10 liters.

This plant is very beautiful, so it is not surprising that reproduction is always of interest to novice gardeners. In fact, the reproduction of deycea is very easy. You can do it cuttings, seeds, lignified or green cuttings or root suckers... And after a while your garden will shine with the charming beauty of Deycea.

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