Figuring out how to plant a walnut is simple

The one who finds out how to plant a walnut, only because of its gustatory capabilities - underestimates the fruit of an ancient civilization. Although one can talk about taste for a long time.

How walnuts are grown

How do you grow this treasure trove of utility and functionality? Let's consider the process in detail.

  • What kind of planting material is suitable? Of course - vaccinated. It is necessary to select zoned varieties, then you can get an edible result;
  • This tree requires that the site has a slope - but not more than 12 percent;
  • Before plantation plowing, it is advisable to apply suitable fertilizers - organic and mineral;
  • Lifting the plantation requires a depth of 60 cm. A PPU-50 plow is suitable, which has a skimmer, you need a coupling with a ring roller, as well as harrows, a unit with a T-130 series tractor;
  • The land must have time to be saturated with nitrogen - that is, the plantation must be prepared in 3-4 months. before landing;
  • The breakdown of the site is carried out in a mechanized way;
  • The tree needs a large area of ​​food - then it will have enough light, they are planted at a great distance from each other;
  • Seedlings are planted in the pits, the size of the pits is 1.0 mx 1.0 mx 0.5 m;
  • While planting is in progress, you need to fill the pits using organic and mineral fertilizers;
  • After planting, watering is required at the rate of 25 liters of ordinary water for each seedling.

This is how trees are planted. The second year will require doubling watering. Mineral fertilizers are needed. In the summer, 4 cultivations are needed. Plowing is required in the fall. When figuring out how to plant a walnut, remember that pruning will be required.

Watch the video: Duarte Nursery: How to Plant a Budded Walnut Tree (January 2022).