Watering and fertilizing in winter houseplants

Watering and fertilizing in winter houseplants:

The plants grown in the apartment generally belong to evergreen species; despite this, the decrease in daylight hours causes, also for these plants, a period of semi-vegetative rest. For this reason it is not necessary to water and fertilize our plants regularly during the winter months; in fact, excess watering or fertilizer can lead to harmful water stagnation in the soil, or to excess mineral salts, which cause serious symptoms in plants, such as yellowing or loss of foliage. Already in September or October we can completely stop the fertilizations, which we will resume towards the end of winter or the beginning of spring. In the same period we will begin to supply water to the plants only when the soil is completely dry, and we will practice decidedly moderate watering, with small amounts of water. Watering in this period of the year must be practiced by moistening the soil, in any case we avoid placing water in the saucers, to avoid the deposition of water for days, with the consequent possibility of developing rotting of the root system . Also in the case of plants that like abundant and regular watering, remember to thin out the water supply slightly. In winter, generally in our homes the heating system causes a very dry climate; for this reason we remind to vaporize the foliage of houseplants frequently, to simulate the climate present in the places of origin, increasing the humidity of the air. As for succulent plants, watering can be completely interrupted, we will resume them at the end of winter.