Leaf water plants

Leaf aquatic plants

Many in the garden have positioned a small pond or a pond, around which, or within which, it is good to place plants that particularly love water; among the many species and genera available on the market some do not produce particularly decorative flowers, but are appreciated as ornamental plants thanks to their showy foliage. Many of these plants can also be placed in pots, if properly watered, or they can be planted in areas particularly prone to water stagnation, or in any case often wet or humid.
The choice is wide and articulated, we can choose some species of carex or miscanthus, that is large tufts of arched, ribbon-like foliage, often variegated or striped; also the horsetail, the rushes or the species of stipa can find place next to the pond, they are thin stems, with ever-ribbonlike foliage and compact spike inflorescences, often evergreen.

Most of the aquatic leaf plants grown in our gardens are perennial, but let's be careful that from year to year they do not grow too large, making our pond a swamp; so let's remember every year, in autumn, to contain the root system of our plants, so that they cannot develop excessively. To contain the development of some plants, we often use special plastic baskets, with which we wrap the roots, so as not to let them develop freely.In the case of the annual species instead every spring we will have to place new specimens in the house, taking care to bury them on the edges of the water, using good rich soil.With regard to all the aquatic plants from leaf we remember that for a good aspect of the plant it is advisable to practice a periodic cleaning of the foliage, dusting it if necessary and cleaning it with a direct jet of water; then every month we remove the ruined, yellowed or excessively dirty leaves, to guarantee an always harmonious appearance of the shrub.Leaf aquatic plants: Aquatic in pots

With a little care and attention it is possible to grow these plants even in pots; It is very important, however, to guarantee the right level of humidity to our aquatic pots; therefore from March until October we water our plant very often, we can also supply the vase of a large saucer, to keep perennially full of fresh water.
We insist on watering particularly during the hottest and driest periods of summer. Every 20-25 days we provide fertilizer for green plants, dissolved in the water used for watering.
Periodically water the aerial part of the plants with water, so as to guarantee a good environmental humidity.
If we were absent for short periods of time we can also place the pot in a tub, or in a bucket, to be filled with water up to the edge of the pot, so that the plant can enjoy the right water content for a long period of time .